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"The Power of the Vagina is insightful, provocative and gritty; Mothers, Single Ladies, and Independent women will be in the hair and nail shops talking about this book for days to come.  It is a guilty pleasure that invokes and stimulates my imagination and brings out my inner Diva"!
C. Childress BA, Liberal Studies Early Childhood Education
Teacher, Children Services
Age 28


The Power of the Vagina is a poignant, yet compelling, narrative on understanding the power of a woman's sexuality. The hypnotic power of a woman's body (specifically her vagina) and, understanding the seven levels of love.

C. Gatlin, MBA Business Administration


I was so touched, but I was more touched by the influence the book had on my daughters and how this book open up a line of communication between us we never had,

S. Wood


This is Oprah material if presented and marketed properly. You have said more than a mouth full and definitely will make an impact on many minds. Not only young minds but old folks as well. As you know, it is never to late to “smell the coffee.”

Tamm E


You hit the nail on the head with this passage. “If you want me, you got me. If you get me, you keep me. If you lose me, you lost me”. These were really deep! You gave your daughters good advice. You gave several very good tips for women and helping us understand Men!



Hi John, No I did/will not judge this book by its title. Hen I said that I figured it was concerning women, I did not mean it in a negative sense. I have read your opening acknowledgments and honesty. I could cry because of the honesty and love you are relaying to your daughters. I already know that I want me soon to be 10-year-old granddaughter to read this book when it is published. I can’t wait to read the rest of it. You blew my mind with the first two chapters.



The book really gave me a lot of good insight to look for things in men. It also made me realize how to love myself much better and how to get the respect I deserve.



Hello John,
Wanted to share with you what one of the students wrote after the first chapter.

I got up this morning with my coffee and I decided to read the first chapter of the book. I know that this book will be an inspiration for the world and for us black women. I can relate to this book, and I can feel his pain through the words that he is saying to his daughters. That is what makes a good book, when you are able to relate to something that feels like it can be your own story.


Some thing compelled me to read your first chapter right away... Ohhh my God.  I wanted to call you right a way,my mind was racing in 5 different directions... I have to get the book to find out how it ends, but I will say this GOD has blessed you with a gift of words so powerfull and life changing, this is a must read... I am glad I got a chance to know you before I ended my membership on here.  I work with at risk youth from the ages of 16 - 24, I want to make this a part of my class after I read it.  Thank you for sharing it with me...  I will talk with you some time this week end...  Kim