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About Ki Stone Books

Ki-Stone Books Publishing was created in the summer of 2008 and its doors opened spring 2009. Our desire is to introduce to the general public books and novels that have been written by aspiring writers. Writers whose genres are unique and their stories have never been published by any other publishing company.

Unlike other publishing companies, Ki-Stone Books offers a rare selection of books and novels that are available to readers worldwide. We offer urban tales, self help, how to, spiritual, educational, study guides, love, relationship, fiction and nonfiction. Our unique titles will keep readers wanting more.

Writer and Author, John Watts, is the founder of this independent self-published publishing company. Mr. Watts aspires to help writers, and aspiring-writers share their stories and life experiences through written words. Ki- Stone Books vision is to assist in the fight to increase literacy across America.

Mission Statement

Ki-Stone Books mission is to encourage boys and girls, men and women to become writers and authors or poets by simply placing one word behind the other and creating a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter and then; a story is created. By establishing these programs it will encourage our youth to become creative and express themselves or their experiences with words. Our purpose is to increase literacy within low income communities and to establish reading and writing programs throughout the west coast.