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Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles California, John Watts was the oldest of eight children. After junior high school, John met the owner of an upholstery shop who gave him his first job. John graduated from Fremont High School in 1976 and continued his work in the upholstery business.

During this time John enjoyed watching the television program, Soul Train. A group of dancers performed the “Robot,” he was so impressed with the dance moves that he and his young brothers, Christopher and Patrick, formed a dance team named The Robot Brothers. The three practiced long hours, adding new dance steps to their routines. The group was a hit they entered and won many local talent shows and dance contests. John decided that they should audition for the popular television talent show, ”The Gong Show," and The Robot Brothers appeared on the program on three different occasions, winning each time.

In 1980, a talent scout by the name of April Woods gave The Robot Brothers their first big break. They performed for Marvin Gaye at the famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, California. On that particular night, the audience included some employees of "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Click here to see John and his brothers on "The Tonight Show." The Robot Brothers were invited to appear on the program with Bill Cosby hosting, becoming one of the first African American dance groups to perform on the show. The brothers continued to perform until 1982, when they disbanded the group.

John moved to Inglewood in 1985 and worked hard to open his first business, John Boy's Hair Salon. The building burned down in the summer of 1985, but with the funds from the insurance settlement, John opened, Club Casanova Nightclub in Marina Del Rey on July 4, 1986. The club was a success earning John over two-million dollars within the first two years. In the spring of 1988 John's associate took over his business.

In 1992, John opened a home health care agency in Los Angeles, becoming the first black owner of such an institution. His agency provided home health care services to the elderly in South Central, Compton, Watts, Inglewood, Hawthorne and Long Beach. He was affiliated with United Care Home Health Services. During this time the company was very successful with earnings over eleven-million dollars. 

In 1994, John wrote a feature film script, which he titled The Rollin 80's. It was based on his adult life and his lifestyle during a period in the 1980's. He then decided to turn the screenplay into an autobiography. The book was a success and in 2003 John devoted himself to writing full-time in 2003. He has since written 35 unpublished, and 2 published books, including fiction, non-fiction and self-help genres. John is the founder of Ki-Stone Books Self Publishing Company, which provides self publishing services to new authors in hope of increasing literacy. He is also the creator and founder of POV Designs Business, and both companies are proud supporter of Breast and The Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

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